Is There A Way To Fix My Kate Beckinsale Blunder?

photoWhat kind of Romantic Comedy Girl am I?  With all of the scripts I’ve written and all of the movies I’ve seen… I did not think this through.  But perhaps there’s a solution and you can help me see it.  I say “you” because it’s near impossible to solve a problem with the brain that created it. Here’s what happened.

I had an idea, that I thought was an “inspired idea” in the moment.  I was given 6 dollar bills with a stamp on the back that read “Get happy. Get rich.”

So, I decided I was going to pull a Kate Beckinsale and put them back out into the universe.  My objective:  to see if one day, the man of my dreams hands one back to me making it “Serendipity”.

This was not a well thought out plan. You see, in Serendipity, John Cusack writes his number on a five dollar bill so if Kate, “Sarah” gets it back, it was fate and they are meant to be.

What’s my plan? Whoever gives it to me is my “meant to be”?  What if it’s a woman or a married man or an 18-year-old? Nope… I did not think this through.

However, my intention was good.  Put these bills out into the universe so when one comes back to me it’s a sign of something.  But what?  And that’s where you come in.  You read this because you want me to find love, right?  So, now you get to become the writer.  How do the 6 bills fit into my fate for finding love?

Can’t wait to read your responses.!

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16 Responses to Is There A Way To Fix My Kate Beckinsale Blunder?

  1. Heidi Alexandra says:

    I am kind of concerned with the number 6 – too even, could be seen as the Devil’s number. How about 7 or even 8 – the Chinese lucky number?? Quick send out a few more. (If we only have 6 degrees of separation then could that mean any one of us could be sending one back to you!)

    • jsitomer says:

      I was given 6 so, I’m thinking the “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” will work in my favor. My lucky number is 18, which 6 goes into 3 times, so maybe it will be the 3rd bill I get back that will make the difference… and I’ll just leave the Devil out of it 🙂

  2. Ray says:

    It’s four years later.
    Beckinsale and Wiseman have divorced, Cusack has left Hollywood to teach kickboxing in Chicago. Rom-coms have started using computer generated effects and it seems the world is falling apart, romance-wise anyway.

    You walk into the corner Stop-n-Rob to purchase a chocolate soy “milk.” This always helps your mood. With your upcoming trip on your mind you just take your change and begin to stuff it into your bag when you notice the stamping on the back of one of the bills you gave away so long ago, “Get happy. Get rich.” Images from SERENDIPITY race through you head, your pulse quickens. Slowly you look up barely able to contain your excitement. Your gaze falls on the Korean grandma who runs the shop. She gives you a toothless grin.

    As you stumble out into the hot Florida/Los Angeles humidity/smog reality settles in again; you need to pack for your trip to New York. As you drive back “home” to pack for the trip the idea of the serendipitous dollar bills come back and you think, no you hope, that perhaps on this trip back to New York maybe you will “get Rich” and maybe together the two of you will “get happy!” You step on the gas. Maybe, just maybe, New York City, with all those thousands of people, is where you’ll find your next great date. Or maybe even more, just like Kate and John did here in NYC. (Plus most of the age appropriate single guys in NYC realize that most of the age appropriate women in NYC are nuts and they need to look outside of the City.)

    At the airport there’s a commotion at security. The drug sniffing dog has pinged onto your purse because the “Happy” dollar bill contained trace elements of cocaine.

    Good luck explaining THAT one.

    • jsitomer says:

      I’m laughing too hard to know what to make of that but I think you’re saying my “meant-to-be” is a guy named Rich in New York…. wouldn’t it be freaky if you’re right????

  3. Sue Painter says:

    I’d take it that anyone who hands you one of the six dollar bills back is either an ideal date OR knows someone who is. So when he/she hands you the dollar you can say, “I once put this out into the universe thinking that whoever handed it back to me could lead me to my ideal man. Can you?” If it’s a guy he might step up. If not, she might know just the right guy.

  4. Doreen says:

    Ahhhh….wouldn’t it be great if our lives worked out just like the movies! LOL! I say when one comes back to you and you tell this story, they will be an integral part in connecting you with someone special.

  5. Hmmm… How about this? Whoever gives it back to you is your “meant to be” or *knows* your meant to be–you just have to figure out who it is.

  6. I have to agree with my friends above. Anyone who gives back one of those magical dollars is “the one” or KNOWS “the one.” Go for it! And please keep us posted! How did you distribute them anyways? Bills in bottles at sea? Ha!

    • jsitomer says:

      I distributed them just like Kate did in the movie, I put them directly into commerce. I had them in my wallet, and between valets and small items, they were gone in two days. I also used them 45 minutes from where I live since I was at a 4-day conference at the time. We shall see when they turn up. It took 5 years for Kate to find John’s $5 bill 🙂

  7. Interesting….I do hope it doesn’t take 5 years for one of them to show up! and I hope one of them shows up in the hands…er arms …of Mr Right!

  8. Mitch Tublin says:

    Each bill when returned to you will have a unique story.
    The one you seek may not appear in the story each time
    as a straight line. Similar to the way we run our business
    you will need to be able to zig and zag to find the one. A little
    to the left and then a little to the right. Ask questions of the
    person who presents the bill to you each time and follow your

  9. Perhaps it’s not meant to be romance, but someone who will be important or has an important message for you.

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