The next night, Bud picked me up to take me to see Jack Brand and the Big Circle Riders. I had a good feeling about Bud, but I still texted my sister all his pertinent information should I “disappear” (You may remember from past blog posts that I don’t let people I don’t know pick me up)…. Obviously I’m still here.

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 6.36.34 PMOn the drive down, the conversation flowed easily, but Bud wasn’t able to play me the mixed CD he’d created for the evening. Sound tracks will definitely become a theme as I continue writing about Bud.

It was a dive bar for sure, and the cowgirl waitresses were scantily dressed. I loved it already! Then I introduced myself to Jack and thanked him for the invitation. And I barely remember what happened after that, not because it was so long ago, but because I was seriously crushing on this guy. He was so smart and interesting and hysterically opinionated. I didn’t always agree with him, but I was always entertained by his arguments. Most of them were over the differences between men and women. And of course being a woman I had to disagree, but he’s probably right (don’t tell him I said that). JB was playing classic songs that were unknown to me, but Bud had grown up on. He was singing along and had a great voice (sexy!).

Then he asked me to dance… in typical Jessica form, I started to lead. He grabbed me tightly and said, “Stop, I’m the man, I lead.” I’m not sure how I stopped but I did. I let him whisk me around (sexy!). I had to be up early the next morning so we only stayed for one set.

On the way home he played me each song on the soundtrack explaining the meaning behind each one. Bud is a romantic! As much as he talks about how men are such dogs, he always clarifies that he’s not “most men.”

When we got back to my place I invited him in. Why not? I already knew nothing physical was on the table. He’s a deep guy and very honest so the conversation got deep and honest, about exes, about expectations, about… ending the night without a kiss when it was time for him to go so I could get some sleep. But he did create a great deal of anticipation (sexy!).

Over the next three weeks I would see him ALL but 2 or 3 days… always just talking, always crushing on him harder and harder, and always romantic. One evening we met at the beach so we could watch the sunset together.

I’ll tell you one thing about knowing you can’t have anything physical… it makes you want it that much MORE!!!!

So, I left Los Angeles crazily attracted to this guy, really interested in him on a deeper level as well, but also cautiously aware that he was ending a long-time, long-distance relationship and there would be a mourning period for him. He told me he’d be in touch when he had “managed his business” in a month or so.

I’d be waiting… giddy-up!

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  1. I love this romantic in your life! Don’t let him go and be there for him as he goes through his break-up. He sounds like the special kind of guy you deserve!

  2. Jessica you are truly amazing. When are you going to turn your adventures into a book? Once again I’m waiting for the next installment.

  3. Heidi Alexandra The Company Culture and Brand Architect says:

    The suspense is painful watching from afar – can’t wait to hear how this turns out!

  4. What a happy and uplifting post! I can’t wait to read how your relationship continues… It sounds like he is a great guy. Whoo Hoo

  5. Mitch Tublin says:

    The stories continue to get better each time.
    Have you watched Urban Cowboy recently?
    Just sayin…

  6. Mitch Tublin says:

    The stories get better each time!
    By the way, have you watched ‘Urban Cowboy’
    recently? Just sayin…

  7. YEE HAW!

    I just love your posts! I am filled with anticipation… what’s next???


    Singer/Songwriter/TV Show Host

  8. Your adventures are always so entertaining. And I’m so glad you have some safety strategies in mind.

  9. The Geek says:

    I think she did turn it into a book 🙂 and I read it. Don’t tell anyone, they’ll rescind my testosterone card.

    Ok, I’m intrigued – I want to know how this ends, and good luck!

    Somewhere I missed an update that you were posting, good to see you’re still in the game!

    == The Geek ==

  10. Sounds like this date was a winner! Can’t wait to hear what happens next!

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