About 50 First Dates

GorBThis blog was created March 18, 2013. Before today there was a very different ABOUT PAGE, but more than 2 years have gone by so I’m changing this page. As you can see I’ve been on 18 dates (2 turned into more of a relationship). Originally the dates were the guys choice, he would pick an adventure/date and a movie that tied it in, but that intimidated a lot of guys. So to maintain the anonymity of the men and continue my blog, I will go on dates and figure out what movie it reminds me of and use the characters name to protect the innocent.

Wish me luck!


6 Responses to About 50 First Dates

  1. Frances McCrea says:

    Jessica, I’m with you…Good luck in the dating department…..who’s the lucky guy you are posing with? Is he a date?

    • jsitomer says:

      Frances, he is not a date, just a representative of “any man” I could be dating. He’s actually a friend and for website purposes I refer to him as Male Model. He likes that name…

    • Denis says:

      just be your slef try not to stress out about atnyhing just be cool about it show her who you are don’t try to impress her too much you don’t want to be so obvious cause some girls don’t like thatHAVE GOOD MANNERSSUCH AS THANK YOU PULL HER CHAIR WHEN YOU GUYS SIT DOWN

  2. lance says:

    you are effing kidding right? this is a joke right? I am floored….

  3. Kammie says:

    Oh my word… You just became my new girlfriend!
    I’m 26 and really have NEVER been on a date. I’m terrified but, after reading your blog having fun with a complete stranger doesn’t seem so bad after all. What a cute blog!!!

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