IMG_4317I woke up in denial.  You see my brain was saying, “This is so nice waking up in a guy’s arms,” but my gut was saying “WTF?!?!?  You haven’t woken up in a guy’s arms since your fiancé in 2008, who does this guy think he is to “insta-relationship” you like this? And what’s up with kissing before brushing of the teeth? That doesn’t happen until date 20 when it’s appropriate to wake up in a man’s arms!”

But of course, I pushed down my gut and listened to my head because I had a full day, a full night, and a morning left to spend with Edward and I wanted to not only enjoy it, but also to get to know him and see if there was a possibility for a relationship.

IMG_4362He ordered room service for breakfast and as I sat down to eat in my bathrobe with a full spread in front of me, I wanted to quote Julia Roberts again and grab a lock of my hair and say, “Red,” and have Edward reply, “Better.”

But then I remembered I had not worn a blond bobbed wig because I was not a prostitute in his hotel suite… or was I, I just wasn’t getting paid and he wasn’t getting laid? (Shut up GUT!)

It was raining out, so Edward and I worked out in the hotel gym and then he took me to see a movie (The Butler) in one of those fancy theaters where they serve IMG_4366food and adult beverages at your giant sized seat.  I loved the theater, and the movie was great, but it made me cry.  My gut seized the opportunity to get a good cry out and blame it on the movie.  Unable to respond to his question, “What did you take away from the movie?” after telling me his 3 takeaways (which by the way were the same 3 as mine), I excused myself to the bathroom so I could finish my cry and clean up my mascara marks.

Throughout the morning there was more kissing. He knew I was stressed out and his kisses actually calmed me… or so my brain said, not so sure my gut agreed, but we weren’t listening to my gut.

When we got back to the hotel it got weird again.  His daughter went to school in NOLA and he wanted to take me to see the campus and meet her.  WHAT?!?!? Am I crazy or is it too much too fast to introduce a first date to your kid?!?!?  But he’d been so kind, thoughtful and accommodating, I felt obligated, besides he was so excited about it, I couldn’t say no… or at least I wouldn’t say no.  But his daughter did!  She said that she felt uncomfortable and he felt terrible asking if it was okay to go alone.  I told him I was glad that she said something because I felt the same way (so much for speaking my mind in yesterday’s Tweet-able).

So, off he went and I was alone at last.  Now it was time to really go all out Pretty Woman Style! BUBBLE BATH!!!!


After my bath, I fell asleep on the couch. It was very comfortable and when I woke up, Edward informed me that I’d been napping for 3 hours.  He’d napped and showered in that time, and was waiting for me to wake up so we could go on the ghost tour… YAY!  I was very excited for that.

IMG_4371We stopped at an incredible restaurant called August to get a little something since our dinner reservation wasn’t until 10pm and I hadn’t had lunch (don’t worry @everywomanover29 I had my snacks with me and was eating on day 2).  We had the most amazing gazpacho, with crab salad in the middle and lemon sorbet on top. Totally Top Chef!

Then the ghost tour… yippee!! It was a walking tour, and Edward was smart IMG_4373enough to bring umbrellas for us as it did rain most of the tour.  But that just added to the ambience. We heard all kinds of grotesque stories about brutal and painful deaths and the ghosts that now haunted the buildings because of it.  We even stopped at a haunted bar so the group could get Hurricanes and Voodoo drinks.  Which brings me to my Tweet-able:

“I got hit on by a Pirate Ghost, in a haunted bar in New Orleans on a 1st Date. Awesome!” @50FirstDatesG

In the bar, I felt Edward’s hairy arm brush against mine, only to look up and see that he was a few feet away from me and then my arm started to itch.  The tour guide told us that the bar was haunted by pirates who often hit on woman and unhooked their bra strap… good thing I wasn’t wearing one 😉 . She also confirmed that the itchiness was indeed due to a ghost.  I will choose to believe her because it makes my story more exciting, not to mention IMG_4381I took a picture of Edward outside of the bar in which you can see his entire body but a light makes it so you can’t see his head.  The Pirate Ghost was C-Blocking my date!


The tour guide encouraged us to keep taking pictures in the hopes of capturing an orb or spirit.  We saw the mansion that Nic Cage bought not knowing all the gruesome deaths that had occurred there and sounded like a storyline for American Horror Story.  I took three pictures in a row. The first and third were normal, the second looked like the spirit of Zac Brown… only he’s still alive, so I guess they had cool looking country singers back in the days of yore.

IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385



After the tour we went to Revolution for dinner.  We had four staff members taking care of us.  The food was delicious.  It’s hard to get the full New Orleans experience when you don’t drink or eat gluten, or sugar, or caffeine… but I decided to break my sugar/caffeine for the night since they brought me a plate of gluten free desserts to try.  I had the tiniest bit of each so I wasn’t affected.  There was no chocolate in any of them and that’s what usually gets me immediately.

After dinner we were tired and he said he would probably be snoring before I finished brushing my teeth.  He wasn’t kidding.  It was like a lion roaring in the room by the time I got in there and my ear buds weren’t shutting it out.  So, I went to sleep on the couch and day 2 was over…


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  1. Sue Painter says:

    I can hardly wait to hear about Day 3!!

  2. Heidi Alexandra says:

    Gosh some of this seems a little weird – the ghost tour sounds great if only you could go back to your own room afterwards….

  3. Mira Dessy says:

    Sounds like an adventure of the very odd kind

  4. I am completely on the edge of my seat! You are *far* braver than I would ever be but you sure can tell a great story. And what a setting…there is no place like NOLA!

  5. It’s either true love or you’re going to wish you’d listened to your gut. I do hope it’s the former but I still say be careful.

    I do love this: I wanted to quote Julia Roberts again and grab a lock of my hair and say, “Red,” and have Edward reply, “Better.”

    And am pleased to hear you had snacks!

  6. Bill Painter says:

    This could be a movie! 🙂

  7. Definitely a bit of awkwardness with this date but the ghost tour sounds like it was a lot of fun. Can’t wait to hear what happens next. 🙂

  8. Mitch Tublin says:

    It made me feel so happy for you!
    You took a private bubble bath and a long nap.
    No wonder you had such a good time later.

  9. Hmmm. Thinking he should have been sleeping on the sofa… XO, Katherine

    Katherine C. H. E.
    Author, Be True Rich

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