photoI was on my way back from Georgia, and George had been calling and texting since we met, so I was excited to see him again on my way back home. I stopped off for an overnight at my friend’s and she was thrilled that I was seeing George again.  Our date was very similar to the first; soccer, dinner, and shopping. Only this time, the shopping was much better! The first time, as you may recall, we went to Publix for groceries, kind of a weird turn on a date, but I liked the comfort factor of it.

This time he took me to his friends’ second hand shop, where they have a party once a month. This month, they had a DJ and a runway show. It was very copy I’ve been to a lot of second hand stores in Los Angeles, but the clothes are pretty beat up. This place was AWESOME! I couldn’t help myself… I bought a sequin shirt/dress, a brown fringed suede vest, and a fabulous, form fitting sweater that will look photo copy 2fabulous on me when I wear it in the cold. (Note: I have not been in the cold since I decided to spend the Millennium New Year in NYC- but who knows, perhaps this sweater will inspire me to take a trip to Colorado this winter).

Here’s a TWEETBALE for you:

“When in doubt.. take a girl shopping!”- @50FirstDatesG

After indulging in fashion bargains, George took me out to dinner. His soccer game wasn’t until 11:15pm that night, so we had time to talk over a yummy meal. I have to say I’m crushin’ on George. He’s so upbeat and funny. Every time he calls me and leaves a message, I crack up from his messages, even if it’s just “Hey Jessica, it’s “George” calling to say hello,” because his tonality is so funny.. it always sounds like he’s leaving the message while he is taking a big stretch, and I can just imagine his arms reeeeaching out as he speaks into his speaker phone.

There was a good acoustic duo playing music, the food was healthy considering all of the photo copy 3TVs that verified that this was a sports bar, and the crowd was pretty mellow (probably because the sports were tennis and baseball).

During dinner, he asked if I’d ever been in a long distance relationship before. Twenty years ago when I graduated before my boyfriend, I would drive 2 1/2 hours every weekend to see him. This is the same distance… so there is possibility. We talked about family and what we like to do when we are not working. It was reassuring to hear things like tennis vs a fascination with crime (BTW I broke up with Happy Gilmore after date 3. His crime interest was a little freaky to me, and other than liking movies (though not the same ones) we had nothing in common).

After dinner, it was off to his game. I got to know his teammates better, and they were happy to see me because they said he plays better when I’m there and they were playing the #1 undefeated team.  George’s team beat the pants off of them!  After, when we sat around in the bar area, the team offered to fly me out for the playoffs 🙂

I’m home now and George continues to call and text, so we’ll see how this long distance dating turns out.  It seems to be my theme lately… but you’ll have to read about that in the next blog because George isn’t the only long distance man in my life…

A cliffhanger… intriguing (I hope).  Anyone out there with experience in dating more than one person at a time and liking them both? Curious to hear how it turned out for you. Please share in the comments below…

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  1. Sue Painter says:

    I like this guy – and I loved your Tweetable, too!

  2. Jessica, I’m with Sue. I like this guy too. I didn’t use the tweetable because frankly, I’m not a shopper so it wouldn’t be true for me. Nonetheless George seems caring, funny, smart and personable. I hope you guys figure out a way to stay together. Good luck!

    • jsitomer says:

      Really? You don’t like shopping for anything? I’m not just talking shoes, clothes, and handbags here. I was on cloud 9 when the super Whole Foods opened in Manhattan Beach. You could shop for household appliances, pet supplies, books, home decor…. nothing?

  3. Love how upbeat you sound sharing this story – I can read the smile on your face – good times!

  4. Sounds like things are going really well! Love the cliff-hanger, by the way. 🙂 Can’t wait to here what happens next.

  5. Mira Dessy says:

    Sounds like it was a lot of fun. I LOVE the idea of a fashion show at a thrift store. Seems like you’re having fun and isn’t that the point? Can’t wait to read the next “installment.”

    • jsitomer says:

      The fashion show was a hoot! Such smart marketing and so fun you didn’t realize you’d been marketed to until you are walking out with a full bag in each hand.

  6. It looks like you’re having fun! so keep having fun and keep us posted….but then I know you will!

  7. Mitch Tublin says:

    Hope you do fly out to the playoff games!
    Why not?
    Sounds like you are enjoying this experience.

  8. You are a GREAT story teller, Lady! Waiting to hear more! XO, Katherine

    Katherine C. H. E.
    Author, Be True Rich

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