Just before he scored his first goal

Just before he scored his first goal

“You have to go out with this guy. I’ve known him since I was a kid and he’s a hottie! Athletic and just your type.” That’s what my girlfriend said to me when I was coming up North to visit her for a week. She later revealed her true motive which was for us to fall in love so that I would move there and be her neighbor again.

George came to pick me up and instantly fell in love….. oh, not with me… with my Saint Bernard. They played for a while and then it was time to leave for his indoor soccer game… SCORE!  Soccer was my sport growing up and I love it. I’d never seen an indoor game before and it was as if outdoor soccer and ice hockey had a baby.

I don’t think George was out there 2 minutes before he scored his team’s first goal.  Nice!  He scored the second one too. And then by the time they’d reached 11 he’d scored a couple more.  The other team was scoring as well. The final score was 9 to 11 and if you scoreboardthink the picture of the scoreboard is hard to read, you should have been there. Half the lights were out so it would look like 1 to 3 when it was 7 to 8.  It was pretty close throughout and it dawned on me (having dated athletes before), “I wonder how this guy is going to be if he loses?”

Luckily, that didn’t happen and George was in a good mood. I asked him how he would have been if he had lost and he said, “Like this, only saying ‘we lost.’”  It was fun seeing his persona change to the aggressive athlete on the field and the laid back outgoing guy off the field.  Then a guy from the other team whom I’d met on the way in asked me not to come again because he felt George wouldn’t have scored as much if he wasn’t trying to impress me.  I wouldn’t make him any promises.

girl's roolWe hung out with his friends for a bit and then went to dinner.  Sticking with the sports theme, we went to a sports bar, which had really upscale bathrooms for a sports bar.  I almost took a picture but then thought that might be weird.  But I did take a picture of the door because it was so cute.

The conversation was interesting.  I got into some deeper conversations than I’m used to on a first date. We talked about having kids and exes.  I don’t usually talk about exes on a first date and asked him if he thought it was appropriate first date conversation. He answered, “What’s appropriate?”  Well, heck if I know, as one with only 10 first dates under my belt.  He was asking questions and I was answering.  My ex stories were either going to entertain him or send him running for the hills… he called two days later, so I guess he was entertained.

Then I caught him looking at his watch and I thought to myself, “Hmmm, I thought it was going better than that.”  But then he said, “Do you mind going to Publix? I have to pick up some stuff and it closes at ten.”

Publix?  Uh oh.  I get silly in supermarkets.  Note to self: I will have to contain myself and not dance in the isles OR sing commercial jingles for every item we pass by.  When we got there, he grabbed a circular and said he was big on B1G1. I had no idea what that meant (bachelor shopping term, I figured). It meant Buy 1 Get 1.  This peaked my curiosity. Was he going to B1G1 of everything in the circularpublix whether he needed it or not?  Food shopping on a first date is almost as revealing as a Book Store Date.  It turns out all he got was 2 Gatorades, Epson Salts (which I convinced him to buy because he was sore and I told him if he soaked in a tub with the salts he’d be all better in the morning), and he got one more item, I think it was milk.  Bachelor shopping!

On the way back he asked if he could come inside and play with my dog… no, that wasn’t a euphemism as you can tell by the picture.  She was spooning with him like a little hussy!  with BarkleyApparently, my dog has no inhibitions about “being easy” on a first date.  But you do have to find it just a wee bit sexy when a guy gets down on the floor and snuggles with your dog.

He gave me a good hug goodnight, and he was off.  I wasn’t sure if I would hear from him again.  We had a good time, but the distance between us is 2 ½ hours.  But sure enough, he texted me two days later… “How’s my pooch?!!”  Anyone who ever said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach didn’t have a big, adorable, snuggly dog!

Have you ever had a long distance relationship? I don’t know if this is going in that direction, but incase he does want to see “my dog” again, any advice?

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  1. Sue Painter says:

    Go for it! I like this guy – he’s a dog lover which is a big plus, right??

  2. Wow! Dog love and grocery shopping on a first date? That’s definitely one I didn’t see coming 🙂

  3. Jessica, George sounds terrific. My husband and I met rescuing puppies. I think agreeing on a love for animals (especially canines) would be as important as deciding on children. I can’t advise you about the distance however. Closer seems better. Good luck! Let us know what happens.

  4. Bill Painter says:

    It could be tough having your dog be the “other woman”. 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great, fun date – shopping is a bit out there but if he loves your dog then it’s definitely worth a second date!

  6. Sounds like you really hit it off on this first date! I think it’s worth going on a second. Long distance relationships can work if the two of you are a good match–at least until you decide how to the close the distance gap in the future.

  7. Mitch Tublin says:

    Sounds like a “G – O – A – L ! ! !”

  8. Jamie says:

    You know I did the long distance thing for a long time before we got married. I don’t think 2.5 hours apart is insurmountable. I like him.

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  10. I’ve done the long distance thing. The last time I did it, I married the guy! I was in D.C., and he was in NYC; so, there’s a TON of easy ways to get back and forth. We saw each other a lot while we were dating… I found a lot of business reasons to go to NYC, and when I wasn’t up there or out in The Hamptons with him, he’d come down to see me… It can DEFINITELY work.

    Follow your heart!

    Good luck!

    Love, Katherine

    Katherine C. H. E.
    Author, Be True Rich

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