Date 18 The Bad News Bears: Rookie Mistake from Morris

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.56.49 PMMorris didn’t get his movie until after our second date, so let’s go back to the beginning. I was on my third date in one week and while I was looking forward to meeting Morris, I WAS going to yoga. Which meant we had an hour to meet. Hey, if we hit it off, then we could make another date, but now, I just wanted to confirm I was not meeting a dud!

Morris was not a dud. We met at Raw Juce, and had a good laugh over the fact that we each assumed the location (there are two) and each showed up at the opposite one. He jumped in his car and sped to where I was (mine was down the street from my yoga studio, so I was staying put). We had a lot in common in our backgrounds. He also talked about his separation (soon to be divorced), his kids, and his job. Then I had to go. I must say I left with a bit of a spring in my step.

A few days later, Morris was in the neighborhood, so we had a quick impromptu meet up in a park by the water. That’s when things got a little weird. He started grilling me about my Bumble dates. He wanted to know about all of them and my responses. When he learned there were a few guys I had matched with and not responded to he basically shamed me. Ummm… okay dude, I’ll go contact all the other guys vying for my attention while I’m trying to focus on you. I finally changed the subject to his kids. He was taking his son to a baseball tournament that weekend and wanted to know what he, himself, would get if his son hit a homer. His son didn’t sound like much of a hitter, so I promised him a kiss. Later he texted me, “What if he gets two?” We bantered for a little while and then he made a rookie mistake. Out of nowhere he sent me a before and after of his shaven face… only it wasn’t a close up of his face! It was two selfies of himself, in a towel, in his bathroom. What was I supposed to do with that? I couldn’t even respond until the next day, so I could let him down gently and kindly.

He took the rejection politely, and did follow up to let me know that his son, had not in fact, hit any homers.

Note to guys who care: I’m old fashioned. I like to discover what you look like under your clothes for myself… don’t ruin my anticipation with pictures.


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