Date 17 The Cutting Edge: Breaking the Ice With Doug Dorsey

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.58.52 PMI was not nervous for my date with Doug Dorsey. He had good pictures and bad pictures, so at this point I was expecting “the bad pictures” to show up. I was pleasantly surprised that the “good pictures” showed up. I was interested in Doug because he plays hockey. Not professionally, but the thought of going to watch a guy check other guys against the boards once a week and scream my head off cheering on my guy’s team, was very appealing to me as a Rangers/Kings fan. Bumble doesn’t give much detail, so that’s all I had to go on. After my last date, I suggested we meet for a drink after work, so I could give him an hour and if I liked him, we could walk down the avenue and if I didn’t I could still make it to yoga.

When Doug showed up he was tall, well dressed, and as I mentioned, looked like his good pictures. I discovered that he liked hockey, had his own business that he was passionate about, and is a country music fan. All subjects I could speak to… which is a good thing, because conversation was not his strong point. Maybe he was tired after a long day on the road. There would be bursts of excitement from him when he saw I could speak about topics he was into. Then there would be a lull.

I felt the tug of my yoga class. I brought up football and again saw a burst of excitement when he realized I could talk “quarterbacks”. But I was trying too hard. Bottom line, I love football, I don’t really watch hockey, and while I love country music, sitting on the beach getting drunk listening to a concert is not my idea of a good time. These topics were not my idea of a foundation for a relationship.

I think the lack of compatibility was mutual and we said a polite goodbye. And yes, I made it to yoga on time… win/win.

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