Superman… My Hero

If you go to Wikipedia to look up Superman, the first sentence reads: Superman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero, who appears in comic books published by DC Comics.  A fictional superhero, indeed, but I’ve had some real life Supermen in my life.  Like in every superhero movie, for the women who love them, there are pros and cons. But isn’t that true for any man? Or, is it as simple as every man IS a superhero, you just have to be willing to see him.

I bring this up, because my dating “blog” has been met with a lot of resistance from guys who say they want to ask me out, but not like “this”. The resistance is either coming from “not wanting to be written about in a blog” or “not wanting to take me out on a movie inspired date”.

Here’s the thing… the man I’m going to fall in love with, won’t have a problem with either, and frankly, there’s no pressure because I am in no rush for him to find me. Here’s why…

I’ve had a Superman in my life since the day I was born. I would imagine that every man out there who has ever held his daughter for the very first time, prays that she will love, admire, and adore him the way I do my dad. From a young age, I remember my dad going to work in his suit and tie, like Clark Kent. And while he didn’t necessarily disappear into a phone booth to turn into Superman, he was as humble and private about his heroics.

My dad has always made me feel safe, protected, and taken care of. Clearly he raised me to stand on my own two feet, to speak my mind, and to go after my dreams, but he also taught me by example, the meaning of partnership, compromise, and loyalty. My mom and dad are in their 49th year of marriage, and have set the bar high. This hasn’t made it difficult for me to find a man, on the contrary, it made it crystal clear what I want in a relationship. And as I said previously, I’ve had some Supermen in my life, who I still care about to this day. I’ve had a couple of Jokers too, but that’s to be expected, right?

I don’t have any “clocks ticking” or self-imposed timelines. I’m in no rush because I’ve always believed that when the time was right, I’d find my soulmate, or he’d find me. Is this blog the answer? I don’t know. What I do know is that I’ve never met a superhero over coffee or out to dinner. I’ve met superheroes while they were in their element, that’s when I see the best in a man, when he’s doing something that he’s passionate about, something that exhilarates him. My first crush happened at the ice rink, watching him play hockey. To this day I’m a terrible ice skater unless I have a hockey stick in my hand. He taught me well. My first love was a superhero on the football field. I couldn’t wait for weekends to watch him play. Another superhero of mine was a writer. I loved reading and discussing his scripts, and his creativity inspired me constantly.

This blog is about me sharing what I’m passionate about; love and story telling. The dates are about men sharing with me, what they are passionate about. That’s it. If this is not for you, no problem. And don’t worry about whether I will like what you like. I had a guy tell me he loves going to the shooting range. I told him, “Perfect, a Mr. & Mrs. Smith date.” This is only a first date. If it goes well, there’s plenty of time to do things that I come up with. For those of you who have questions about me before asking me out, ask away.

There’s a comment box below to ask about me…

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